The ways of collaboration from parents is through the association and the school itself. We want to highlight the possibility of working as delegate or assistant delegate per year and to actively participate in their commissions.

The delegates or assistant delegate of the class means that they are the representative person of all the parents per each class and they will transmit the information of general knowledge to the school though the assembly, and to the parents of all the students in their class. There are up to three meetings per year.

The constitute committee of parents aware of the same topic or the way of acting meet once a month, basically to revitalise activities and to give their support to the school in relation to the activities done for the students.


Communal living

The functions of this committee are: promote the communal living of the families between themselves and the school. To stimulate the participation of the parents in the school activities. For the students to develop the spirit of collaboration and help. To promote the attainment of the communal living La Salle, that is the major festivity from the school and that has the maximum participation.

The communal living in La Salle have three aims: celebrate the festivities of our founder Sant Joan Baptista de La Salle that we have been celebrating for over 50 years.


Organise cultural and festivity events such as: Christmas, pastorets, cultural visits, cultural days, Sant Jordi, and reading aloud competition.

We encourage to organise and participate in the following activities in two ways: as students and families. As students, the activities that can collaborate this committee are: Christmas (manger scene expositions), musicals (auditions and choir for the little ones), teather (collaboration with several representations over the year that the students take part in).

Finestra oberta "Open window"

The group "Finestra Oberta" gives support the center where there is people in need, such as Llar Joan Trias, les Germanetes, Estel d’Assis and others where there is people with riscs. Finestra Oberta drives social activities, as a Christian solidarity school.

The group members are: parents, past students, that act weekly or sporadically in care homes, or infant centers. There is a big participation from the Educational body that generously contributes when Finestra Oberta asks for it.

Its main objective is to collaborate with the NGO Proide (Missionary Work of the Brothers of La Salle) for the realization of projects in the countries of the Third World. This collaboration mainly consists of obtaining resources for these projects, publicizing the activity of this NGO as well as the projects assigned to the school, through the participation of volunteer mothers and fathers.
Active Parents School

It organizes and promotes training activities aimed to parents on topics of interest and current affairs, basically through the organization of conferences and workshops with prestigious speakers, aimed to promote family education and the family-school relationship based on criteria of educational co-responsibility.

The management of the school and the tecahers staff feel the need to share with the family the objectives, criteria and lines of educational action that La Salle Bonanova carries out. The Active Parents School organizes one or two activities per term.

The Parents’ Association collaborates on the organanisation of the FEAC sessions (Family School, Shared Action). A committee of mothers and fathers together with teachers and professors of the center prepare the meetings FEAC, a space to share and reflect on educational aspects that affect their sons and daughters. There are three meetings throughout the course and in each one a different topic is worked on.
Bonanova Bulletin
The Parents’ Association collaborates on the writing and Edition of Butlletí Bonanova which is a quarterly magazine. The participation and collaboration of the educational community, students and parents is essential to make this institutional publication of interest to everyone. It collects the main aspects of the day to day of the school and its organization.
Saps què?

Monthly publication that is emailed to families and can be found in the school website.

AMPA weblog

The Parents’ Association writes a blog. There we can find the activities carried out by the different Commissions of the Parents’ Association and all those news related to it and the school that are considered interesting to report through this communication channel.

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