Baccalaureate extracurricular

Baccalaureate extracurricular activities

Extracurricular activities are a good tool to complete the training of children and young people as they allow them to work and develop the multiple intelligences of each individual.

Science and technology

Activity designed to reinforce specific concepts from the STEAM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics). Extension of the programing, used of Lego Mindstorms EV3 and VEX Robotics. The technology has to be a learning resource and a way to approach the social and professional reality.
Life science
Carry out some different lab experiments as a stimulation scientific tool. Bring science closer to the students in their day to day life. Promote a fun view of science. What is more normal, ha, or a liter of sulphuric acid? How do we make toothpaste? Can we make salty ice cubes.

Oratory and creativity

To learn the art of public speaking and debates. In all sessions there are practical exercises that allow to work different abilities needed for structuring a speech, debates and control stage fear: appearance, attitude, voice, direction....
With the theatre we empower and help our boys and girls to develop their imagination, activate their emotions and their sensitivity. Theatre helps them with memorizing techniques, concentration, listening, oral and body expresion, to be responsible and to belong to a group. The students learn interpretative skills and techniques that will help them to talk in public, control their body language, promote their self esteem, and to believe in themselves.
Reading and writing workshop
The writing workshop develop several entertaining activities that require dedication. To practice writing though exercises that awaken their interest and these would make the students to be involve as if they were doing a game. In conclusion, it is to present interesting and efficient methodologies that awaken the students willingness to write at the same time that they learn more writing skills.

Enlarging the knowledge

Expanding mathematics
To expand the mathematical knowledge for further studies, having in mind that all these content do not appear in the curriculum of Batxillerat. (Teoria de conjunts, estructures algebraiques, càlcul diferencial i integral, equacions diferencials, estudi de corbes i superfícies) especially for those students that would like to study engineering, physics, chemistry or mathematics. We will equip as well the participation of activities and seminars apart from the school.
Expanding physics and chemistry
To expand the knowledge of physics and chemistry needed for further studies. We will work content that r in the curriculum of Batxillerat do not appear or only seen in a shallow way. We will equip as well the participation of activities and seminars apart from the school, like the physics and chemistry olympic games.