Chess school

In collaboration with Edami School, La Salle Bonanova offfers this activity. It has a playful and intellectual component, as it helps to enhance the various skills and abilities of boys and girls who practice this game. 

Through chess, students often take decisions and control their emotions; They learn to gain and lose, and to assume their individual responsibility.

Edami is the chess School of Miguel Illescas a great International Master of chess, writer and lecturer, and a recognized expert on the use of chess in education.

Axes that define the chess school


Timetables are different depending on the age and the group of students. The offer of this activity is at noon with two sessions of 30 minutes a week or in the afternoon with a session of 60 minutes weekly.

To whom it is aimed

This activity is aimed to students from 6th primary to ESO. The activity can be done at noon or afternoon.

Chess Teachers
The teachers who form the students in the knowledge of this game work under the leadership of the renowned player and International Master Miquel Illescas that is held annually in the school to motivate simultaneous games and also train teachers.
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