Educational offer

Dance school

La Salle Bonanova has a dance school that offers classic and modern dance to all students who want to grow in this discipline. At present more than 180 students are trained in this discipline at our school.

Through dance we work with elasticity, rhythm and coordination, following the technique of classical dance. So students know the positions of classical dance with the aim of maintaining a good muscle tone and elegance.

Through modern dance we develop choreographies that fuse different styles of contemporary dance.

The dance school is led by the teacher Elena Gómez.

Axes that define the dance school

The dance school offers its services to students of La Salle Bonanova from P4 to 2nd in ESO.
The timetable is different depending on the age of the Student. Kindergarden students (P4 and P5) do the activity one day per week in a session of 60 minutes at midday or afternoon. Primary students do their session one day a week in the afternoon from 16.45 or 17.45 (depending on their level). ESO students take their session Tuesday middays.
Exhibitions and festivals
Throughout the course the dance students, led by their teachers, present several festivals and exhibitions that are of a great quality both in terms of the choreographic and scenographic aspects.