For primary and secondary students, the school offers the opportunity to participate in various exchanges either digital or by trips to the countries we work with.


Elementary students participate in many international projects through the Etwining platform coordinated by the Ministry of Education and Science.

With this experience, students have the opportunity to learn about the culture and traditions of other parts of Europe by interacting with students of the same age with the support of their teachers and using English as lingua franca.

We have recently been in contact with schools in Ukraine and Turkey, among others.


High school (ESO) students can participate in the exchange program offered by the schools in France and Germany staying there from 5 to 7 days. This method consists of traveling abroad, being welcomed into one of the families of the educational community of the school that hosts them and participating in all the educational, cultural and recreational activities of the program.

On the way back, after a few weeks, the students will receive a visit from the classmates they met at the place of origin and welcome them to their home with a program of activities that takes place during their stay.

La Salle Bonanova offers this sort of programs at the La Salle Arradon school in French Brittany and the Ernst Mach Gymnasium in Haar, located in the Bavarian region of Germany.


We offer high school (BAT) students the opportunity to develop projects with De La Salle High School, in Minneapolis (Minnesota, USA). Through videoconferences, students work on projects that focus on global citizenship and environmental management.

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