Immersion abroad

The international contacts that La Salle Bonanova school has in collaboration with the Institution of the Brothers of the Christian Schools and the network of educational centers that La Salle has in the five continents, makes us possible to offer our students a program of their own with language immersion stays in several countries in Europe and in the United States of America with a range of duration of 30 days to three months.

The main objective of this program of stays is to deepen the learning of foreign languages, whether they are English, French or German.

This experience offers the student a unique opportunity for personal and social growth away from home, with the support of La Salle Bonanova but treated as any other student in one of the schools of our program, following the local curriculum and being backed by local teachers.

Destinations offered in immersion abroad


It is the perfect destination for all those students who want to start or improve their French learning. The proximity of the city of Toulouse and the possibility of discovering different aspects of its history and culture make possible a very enriching experience at all levels.

French education is one of the most recognized in Europe. Its education system is based on an open, effective and prestigious education and we have there one of the most recognized schools in the country. The program we offer is quarterly (1st or 2nd term) with a host family from the same educational community.

It is a country of recognized tradition and academic reputation. The schools we offer have multiple possibilities for students looking for a total immersion in British culture, they have great facilities and a great sports offer. Programs in the School Term: 1st, 2nd or 3rd term, depending on the academic year. Accommodation in an English family or in the residence of the same school. Monthly programs: 1 month of immersion. Accommodation in English family or in residence. We also offer the possibility of doing a small approach of a couple of weeks in June / July, as one more English student in the class.
It is a country of great attraction for learning English, where the ease of its inhabitants and the different educational options make up a destination with great possibilities for our students. All schools have exclusive facilities for academic training and the practice of sport, and offer a wide range of extracurricular activities that complement comprehensive education in English. Irish schools may or may not be mixed. The program we offer in the school term: 1st or 2nd term, with accommodation in an Irish family. A completely personalized proposal based on the profile of the city, school and family, as well as the preference for extracurricular activities (horse riding, golf, dance, music, etc.).
Thanks to its location in central Europe, the program is presented as a multicultural destination in a multilingual country, ideal for those families looking for a close and exclusive place where students can learn German in an environment of 100% immersion. In addition, Vienna has many attractions that can appeal the student to live there because of its high life quality. The program we offer in Austria is located in the city of Vienna in one of the best schools in the country with a quarterly stay in the 1st or 2nd term with accommodation in a family from the same educational community.
United States of America

The United States offers a truly enriching experience thanks to the fantastic resources available in the country and the wide variety of schools adapted to the individual needs and abilities of each student. The program we offer means enjoying one of the best learning systems in the world in a country with a lot of cultural diversity.

A wide range of subjects and academic levels are offered, as well as a wide range of sports and artistic activities. Because of this, studying in the United States can provide students with a wide range of academic and professional opportunities for the future.

The programs we offer are for the 1st or 2nd school term with accommodation in an American family, related to the school. Destinations are: Boston, Chicago or Minneapolis. The school is currently working to expand the range of destinations in this country.

This is an offer for high school students.

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