Educational offer


The Extracurricular English Department of La Salle Bonanova began its activities in 1970, being the headmaster of the school Brother Joaquim Morató. 
Since then, the department has continued to offer its services uninterruptedly from 1970 to the present day, first under the name The Intensive English Department and now under the name Langcentre.

During this time, the center has allowed hundreds of La Salle Bonanova students to acquire a very high level of English and thus be able to successfully pass external exams, such as those at the Official School of Languages ​​and the Certificate of Proficiency in English, Certificate of Advanced English and First Certificate in English from Cambridge University.

Langcentre currently offers intensive English classes to students from 1st of Primary Education to 2nd of Baccalaureate at noon and in the afternoon. Groups are formed based on the level and number of students enrolled. At the same time, Langcentre offers English language training to university students at the Residence Hall, preparatory classes for Cambridge Certifications for La Salle teachers, and conversational English classes for school mothers and fathers.

Axes that define the Langcentre

From third grade primary to 1st of Baccalaureate students have a daily English session with their teachers Monday to Friday at noon. Primary school students, 2nd Baccalaureate students and new students at Langcentre concentrate their classes on two to four days a week depending on the course and level.
  • Encourage attention to diversity with intensive English classes by grouping students by homogeneous ages, levels and sublevels according to the average grade of the previous year.
  • Promote the learning of English as an official Cambridge exam preparation center for obtaining international certifications.
  • Incorporate new technologies into learning English.
  • Maintain fluid communication with student families in terms of student progression and assessment through various interviews and assessment documents.
Working method

Classes are focused on oral and written expression and comprehension of English, based on everyday situations that students may experience outside of school, both now and in the future. We also work on grammar points, vocabulary, expression and oral and written comprehension.

Classes are based on oral expression, with good monitoring of the student’s learning process, very fluid communication with families, small groups, and student engagement.


We are committed to comprehensive language learning, overcoming objectives and contents year after year. 
Therefore, we offer our students the opportunity to obtain Cambridge University certificates from 3rd Primary. 
These certificates are recognized by companies, institutions and universities as the strongest evidence of a user's level of English.

The exams corresponding to the stages of Primary Education (Starters, Movers and Flyers) are done in the same school, thus preventing the student from having to leave the school premises to be examined.

Summer Activities

Within the framework of summer activities, Langcentre organizes three proposals that perfectly combine the use of the English language with the fun of summer activities. Those activities are: Summer Camp in England or Ireland, La Salle English & Adventure in La Seu d’Urgell, Intensive English Campus at the school.

Langcentre results period 2018-19

Primary (Cambridge YLE): 100%

Secondary & Baccalaureate (Cambridge A2 Key): 95%

Secondary & Baccalaureate (Cambridge B1 Preliminary): 100%

Secondary & Baccalaureate (Cambridge B2 First): 88.2%

Secondary & Baccalaureate (Cambridge C1 Advanced): 92,3%