Educational offer

Language school

La Salle Bonanova has a language school which currently offers German, French and Chinese classes to students from 3rd grade of Primary Education to 2nd year of Baccalaureate, and also to groups of parents during the afternoon.

The groups are formed according to the level and the number of registered students. The courses aim to provide students with a general knowledge of the language, at progressive levels, starting from the initiation to the language. They are taught in person by qualified and/or native teachers.

Our intention is for our students to get enough training to become people who are prepared to occupy positions of responsibility in the work world or to access the university course with the certification in languages already recognized.

These courses also offer the possibility of receiving individualized classes if the timetable or the level is not adequate in order to obtain official qualifications, or to work on language reinforcement classes if the student presents any difficulty in the classes or interested in depth in one of the three languages we offer.

Axes that define the language school

In general, lessons have a duration of 60 minutes, two days a week and they are taught from 5p.m. Lessons start at 3p.m. for secondary and Baccalaureate students, and they can be taught two hours one day a week. Depending on the level test, a student will be in a group already formed, in a new group or will have personal lessons.
  • To train the students in the effective use of the language as a vehicle of general communication achieving the 100% of promotion at the end of the course.
  • To recognise and respect linguistic and cultural diversity as a tool for dialogue between people.
  • To promote the foreign language to prepare students to present to the different recognised certifications in the frame European of reference.
  • To enhance the tutorial action: families have at least one year interview with the teachers team, they receive a monthly Report Card with the student's exam grade, a Term Report with quarterly notes, and they are notified by e-mail in case of absence.

In case of uninformed absence, the families will receive an email informing of the lack of attendance. This absence must be justified by email or by the absence justification sheet, which can be found on the school website.

Families can ask for an interview with the teaching team or the coordinator by e-mail from the School of Languages (

Working Method

Lessons are focused towards the oral and written expression and comprehension of each language. Grammar and vocabulary points are worked in groups, as well as oral and written expression and comprehension.

Lessons are based on speaking, with a good monitoring of the student's learning process, a very fluid communication with the families, small groups and the student's commitment.


In the language school of La Salle Bonanova we work for a comprehensive learning, to offer our students the study of the language and the possibility of obtaining the certificates recognized by the European Reference framework. Every two years, the student has the possibility of sitting to the official exam of each of the respective Official Institution.