Educational offer

Music school

Escola de Música of La Salle Bonanova is a music school recognized by the Department of Education of the Generalitat of Catalonia ensuring solid, efficient and quality training with qualified teachers.

Our goal is to promote, from childhood, interest in music, making students partakers, working on creativity and imagination, and giving a good musical training in their knowledge of musical language, singing and instrumental interpretation, preparing them to access to the medium-professional level.

We teach theoretical and practical training to allow the student to enjoy the individual and group practice of music. In accordance with the ideology of the college, we also participate and collaborate punctually with organizations in the field of the Third World and the Fourth world.

Axes that define the music school

The timetable of the music school sessions is placed in the midday time. The number of sessions per week and their duration is different depending on the level and the subject.
Sensitization and Language

Preschool students are taught musical awareness which allows them to develop musicality from childhood and love and value music while preparing to tackle musical Language. Then, in primary, musical Language is structured in six courses.

Musical language allows students to learn about the different parts it: musical notes, rhythmic figures and musical language theory in order to be able to understand and interpret either the voice or a musical instrument.

In order to start playing an instrument, students have to know the musical language.


La Salle Bonanova Music School offers playing the following instruments: piano, violin, guitar, flute, saxophone and singing. Students who play an instrument must also study musical language.


Musical language material incorporates the chorus singing part where pupils learn to master the use of their voice in the interpretation of group songs. We also offer the possibility that the chorus incorporates students who only want to enjoy the singing in a group without pursuing any other musical discipline.

Modern Music

For the oldest students, the music school has a musical offering that combines quality musical training with the enjoyment of the own musical production. An example of that is the combos. These are little groups of students that play different instruments and they sing versions of songs that are already adapted by their teachers.

Concerts and  auditions

Throughout the school year, the students of the music school participate in different concerts in the theatre of the school organized by their teachers. They can show the other colleagues of the school and the families their evolution.

Validations in ESO

Students of the music school who are studying ESO may request the recognition of certain subjects at ESO, in accordance with current regulations, if they are studying a minimum of three hours of music per week at our school.