Educational project

At La Salle we have a pedagogical style focused on the individuals and their human and intellectual development. Our educational project is based on eight fundamental pillars:


Personalized attention

We work in an integrative environment to pay attention to the particular needs of the students. We have Educational Psychologists who take care of children, adolescents and families. We also offer support to our students in other modalities such as language, sports or leisure activities.


Innovative pedagogical style

We are constantly introducing new pedagogical programs that complete our educational offer, as shown by the different projects that our school has in operation. We enhance and foster the abilities of our students to face their future goals.


Education in values

We teach our students through responsibility, justice, coexistence, transcendence and interiority. We train them to become future citizens, sensitive to interculturality and diversity. Finally, we encourage them to act with an open, critical mind and to be committed to society.


Technology and entrepreneurship

They are transforming elements of today's reality. We are committed to the use of technologies to prepare students for efficiency, creativity, initiative and the ability to adapt to new environments and future challenges.