Educational Psychology Orientation Service

The Servei d’Orientació Psicopedagògica (Educational Psychology Orientation Service) is the evolution of the Psychology Lab, forerunner in introducing the latest scientific advancements of Psychology in the educational world, when more than 50 years ago brother Joaquim Morató started the lab with specialized professionals.

The current concept of education requires an educational psychology activity that is increasingly more individualized and personalized. According to current legislation, the whole educational process, has to take into account student diversity, and has to adjust to the learning needs of the students, assessing their abilities, their interests, their personality traits and the class environment.

This fact requires the acceptance of individual differences at school. Therefore, to understand the special characteristics of every student, to determine their psychological profile and discover their learning needs, enables teachers to give a satisfactory educational response to all the students. This response is adapted to those students that present global or specific limitations; but also, to those that present quick-learning or high capacities; and, of course, to those that are strictly normal students. This psychological knowledge is also useful to guide the educational activity in the area of personality-building in order to enhance adaptation and the development of social abilities.


  • To detect individual differences in the intellectual, emotional and personal development of students, through group Educational psychological tests.
  • To advise and accompany teachers with support and counselling in their educational task, in those areas of attention to diversity that the school management team demands, using a systematic and agreed way.
  • Address individual or family issues, with an impact on the student and their school development, which require the specific intervention of a psychologist. This approach is discretionary for families and students in the school, hanging on their own demand.

Lines of action

  • Student assistance.
  • Family care.
  • Collaboration with the EOAP.
  • Advice to the teaching staff.
  • Active participation in school projects: excellence and #aquiproubullying.
  • Educational psychological tests to assess the linguistic, logical-mathematical, spatial vision, intrapersonal and interpersonal intelligence and to understand the student abilities, personality, flexibility and personal and professional interests.
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