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Administration and Secretary offices open Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and from 3:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. (Wednesdays and Fridays close at 5:00 p.m.). However, some of the most common procedures can be done electronically through the following form:

There is no form with title: "Oficina virtual". Select a new form title if you rename it.

Other procedures

Changes and modifications in the currículum
For any modification of subjects in the different stages, it is necessary to make the request in the Secretary of the Center. This may be carried out with the approval of the Centre's Management.

In order to process the titles (Secondary and Baccalaureate) it is necessary to follow this procedure:

  • Fill in the application for a title and hand it in at the Secretary together with a photocopy of your DNI.
  • Pay the amount corresponding to Baccalaureate in "La Caixa".
  • Return the receipt of payment to the Secretary of the center, essential for the application for the title.
  • When receiving a letter by post, go with the corresponding receipt to the Secretary of the center to withdraw the title.
Validations and / or recognition of subjects
Students who study music or dance, simultaneously in ESO or Baccalaureate, in a professional or conservatory center or in authorized schools, can present an application to the Secretary of the center so that some optional subjects of the curriculum are validated or recognized by the Center Management.
Continuity of studies
At the end of the corresponding stage, the Secretary of the center provides the necessary information so that they can continue their studies at the center.
Enrolment cancellation
The student is considered to be leaving the center when the leave application signed by the parents or the student is submitted to the Secretary, in case he / she is of legal age. From this moment, any previously signed commitment will be terminated.

Address directory

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  • Secretary:
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  • Music school:
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  • Chess school:
  • SOP:
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  • AMPA:
  • Switchboard: 93 254 09 50
  • Pre-school: 93 254 09 68
  • Baccalaureate: 93 254 09 86
  • Secretary: 93 254 09 54
  • Administration: 93 254 09 52
  • Langcentre: 93 254 09 70
  • SOP: 93 254 09 55
  • Kitchen: 93 254 09 66
  • Student housing: 93 254 09 65 - 607 085 459
  • Sports Club: 93 418 26 26
  • Sports Centre: 93 417 76 95
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