The main objective of the Pastoral department is to accompany the students in the active participation of the values of solidarity, interiority, transcendence and responsibility.

La Salle Bonanova carries out its evangelising and pastoral work attentive to the specific needs of each school student in order to favour its integral and human growth. This task is the responsibility of the entire educational community and is assumed by all its members.


The Pastoral department is formed by a group of teachers from the different stages of the school and works with the Communion and confirmation catechists and Finestra Oberta. This department prepares the programming of activities taking into account the own character and the evangelizing line of La Salle.

The pastoral team seeks to revitalize and offer to teachers and students materials to work the motto of the course, liturgical times, morning reflection, celebrations during the course. They also energize charitable actions with different entities and activities to cultivate interiority.

Axes that define our Pastoral

Theme of the year
Nowadays in all the educational centers of La Salle we work a personal  core value through the one theme for all institution. This work is adapted to the age of the students.
Pastoral care in the class
We start everyday with a five minute personal reflexion around a topic that it is related with the values of solidarity and social involvement. We celebrate the most important times in the liturgical year, we get to know the life or our founder Sant Joan Baptista de La Salle, we do religious teaching in the school (ERE) and we get to know the reality of the third and fourth word through the lenses of several organisations.
Pastoral solidarity
All throughout the year the students have the possibility to participate in different campaigns to help those that are more in need. El Domund, the Christmas campaign and the Proide campaign are a very good example of those.
Pastoral youth
For the teenager students the pastoral department offer several activities to build up the identity and meaning of belonging such as “Fem Xas” in first of ESO, and other activities of living together, the Montserrat trip that we take part with lots of other  La Salle in Catalunya.
First Communion

According with our personal nature, La Salle Bonanova offers to the families of the students in fourth of Primary the possibility that their children will receive the first communion in the school chapel For those students, the chatesism starts in third of primary and continues at fourth. 

For each student, the first communion is a very important event. In this celebration they will receive Jesus as a spiritual and mysterious way. The older ones help them to receive with devotion, respect and joy. 


We offer to those students from first of Batxillerat the possibility of receive the confirmation sacrament in the school chapel.The preparation that the students receive  to take part in this sacrament is done though group meetings, lead by a school leader with the aim of going deep in certain aspects that will be introduce in global meetings. They will as well take part in volunteer work.

Fintestra oberta ”Open window”

It is a school of voluntary work where there are lots of voluntary work promoted, with the participation of the Bothers community from La Salle, the teachers, parents students past students and other people that want. 

This work it is about helping children and teenagers, older people, and sick people.  The spirit that encourages this actions is to collaborate in a simple but warm-hearted with  La Salle and with the school traditions. 

Though “finestra oberta” the students, with their families collaboration, they can do real voluntary work in the different entities that collaborate: residència casa misericòrdia, llar Joan Trias, Cottolengo, Germanetes, Estel d’Assís, centre obert Tria, Hospitalitat mare de Déu de Lourdes, Associació contra el càncer, Càritas entre d’altres. 

In order to grow as Lasallian educators we participate in different encounters in which we can share and grow as such. These meetings are organized either by the sector of Catalonia, or by the school itself.

Comtal Foundation It's a non-profitable organisation from La Salle that is been working in Catalunya since 1994, so that children, teenagers and youth in vulnerable situations, such as their families could have a good future. 

PROIDE, its a NGO that belongs to the La Salle school. It was created in 1992 and today PROIDE work with a very specific ain: the implementation of educational projects in third world countries through the work of the catalan schools about to help out  improving their situation and the social differences

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