Pre-school extracurricular activities

Extracurricular activities are a good tool to complete the training of children and young people as they allow them to work and develop the multiple intelligences of each individual.


Psychomotor activity
With Psychomotor Skills we help children develop in a global way. The emotional, affective, physical, motor, social and cognitive aspects are developed through this playful activity.
Motor skills in sport
The program of activities aims to master fundamental aspects of human movement such as running, jumping or tumbling. They also aim some basic physical skills of coordination, balance and flexibility and prepare technical skills for the practice of some sports such as football, basketball, handball, hockey and judo.
Multi esports
Once they have mastered the basic motor skills, boys and girls have the opportunity to get started in different sports: handball, basketball, football, skating, volleyball , on a rotating basis so that, later, they can choose. The fact of being a non-competitive activity encourages the playful side and the transmission of values specific to each sport.
Play Center
It is an activity designed to play symbolic games, construction games, directed games, strategy games, puzzles and board games. It is about boys and girls sharing games and toys, learning to organize, respecting the rules and socializing with classmates, while having a fun and educational time at the same time.


It is an activity designed to arouse curiosity and play at building what they can imagine. Creativity and ingenuity are highly valued when it comes to representing, from creation and discourse, their stories. It can also be built from models or following instructions.
It is an activity to make children live creative and attractive experiences. It is about developing artistic skills and creative thinking. We do COOKING, LEGO-ROBOTICS and IPAD workshops.


Games and songs
It is an activity in English where children enjoy music while learning vocabulary by playing, singing and dancing. With this activity they easily memorize familiar or new words and from their body they interpret, follow rhythms and express different emotions.
Arts and crafts
This is an activity designed to work on creativity. This activity is done in English. Boys and girls do drawing and painting, different handcrafts. Some of them may have a utility and others may simply be decorative.
It is an activity designed to develop oral expression in a creative way, working on the expressive resources of the language (gestures, sounds, expressions) in English. Stages of stories known to boys and girls are prepared and performed for classmates.


From this activity, children practice breathing and they learn to relax. It is an exercise that reduces aggression and promotes concentration. Yoga for children is a fun way to help them develop their creative potential and their ability to solve problems and overcome challenges. Calm and less active children help to activate their body and strengthen their self-esteem.
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