In La Salle Bonanova we promote training that fits the needs of the 21st century based on tradition, incorporating innovative pedagogies that put students at the center of the learning process, from a perspective based on values, emotions and constant motivation, harnessing the talent to achieve the success of each person from excellence.

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Project Destí

In La Salle the person is the most important. We take care of the academic and personal needs of our students in a welcoming environment in which the whole Educational Community participates.

La Salle Bonanova develops the DESTÍ innovation program, an acronym for the development and stimulation of intelligence. This project is typical of La Salle centers throughout the Iberian Peninsula and works from P3 to fourth grade of secondary. It consists of a conglomeration of subprograms that complement the educational offer. The aim of these programs is to stimulate students based on educational needs and the environment in the educational stages of kindergarten, primary and compulsory secondary.

Through these programs, at La Salle Bonanova we are attentive to the pedagogical innovation that is carried out in different schools and reference universities around the world with the aim of being able to enrich the project for the benefit of students. We want to awaken the talent of every child and young person, to achieve educational success from excellence and to prepare them for adult life.

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