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La Salle Bonanova

Present in Barcelona since 1889, today we are one of the educational centres in Catalonia and Spain of the institution to which we belong: the Brothers of the Christian schools.

The educational project we develop integrates the tradition of being a century-old school with pedagogical innovations that allow us to adapt the project to the times we live in to form the societies of the future, which are already in schools today. This commitment to innovation is possible thanks to the involvement of the school’s teaching team and the fact that it belongs to a network of schools present in all five continents.

Our main objectives are the commitment to the educational success of all students and to promote talent and excellence from an academic and human point of view. To achieve this, we provide them with the knowledge and skills they will need to live and develop in the society of the future.

Everything set in a unique space and environment, located practically at the foot of Collserola, with extensive and renovated facilities.

Jordi Gibert Gardell

Director of La Salle Bonanova

Who are we?

La Salle Bonanova has more than 125 years of history. Our school currently makes a constant effort in the field of pedagogical innovation in the areas of new technologies, foreign languages, international stays, the development of creativity, talent, excellence, oratory, environmental awareness and cooperative and competent work. Everything from the management of continuous improvement and with a clearly internationalizing look. A good example of this constant work has been recognized by different institutions, local, national and international, being awarded with various prizes and certifications.

Our history

La Salle Bonanova is a reference educational centre within the Institution of the Brothers of Christian Schools. An Institution with 300 years of history and committed to the training of children and adolescents from an academic and human point of view through the values ​​that are expressed in our Own Character.

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Educational community

Our educational community works to develop a current, modern, innovative educational project committed to society to train responsible people, supportive, creative and fair. We emphasize coexistence as a value that conveys the education of an open spirit, giving autonomy to students and making them protagonists of their own education.

The community of brothers

They have turned the school into their home and, as witnesses to the life of our Founder,  transmit the sense of belonging to all those who live there.

Faculty of Teachers and Professors

A large human team made up of about 150 teachers and specialists in constant training and who train students in content, skills and values.

Administration and services staff

They take care of the facilities, manage the school documentation and accompany and take care of the users in everything they may need.

Dining room monitors and activities
They are present in the leisure spaces of the students to accompany them in their formative process.
Language teachers and Langcentre
n an intense way, they take out the maximum talent of the students in the different foreign languages ​​that are worked in the school, as the results of the annual external tests show.
Music and dance teachers
They work and train students in the artistic side, either musical or dance and jazz, with results that can be seen and enjoyed in the different annual festivals they present.
Sports club coaches
Nearly 70 people with a formative vision of the sport at the service of the 6 sport disciplines that the club has.
Students’ parents
A large and organized community of families with their representatives where everyone has the opportunity to participate in the active school life.
From 3 year-old to A level students
A community of just over 2000 students who live together in different spaces and buildings, according to their ages and educational stages, with extensive and renovated facilities.
University residents
They bring life to our school 24 hours a day in a fully university-like environment accompanied by our staff in charge.

Continuous improvement

At La Salle Bonanova, the pedagogical organization and the set of actions that are daily carried out here are based on the “continuous improvement” concept according to the ISO 9001/2015 rule. That is why all the school staff, from their different sections, work according to these three major goals:

  • To achieve good results to ensure school success for all students, and general educational excellence.
  • To promote active participation in the school life to guarantee equity, inclusion and social cohesion.
  • To improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the ISO 9001 Quality concept and to move forward on the path to achieve a status of excellence.

Our school achieved the Quality Certification in 2010, providing our management system with a set of tools and techniques that allow us to guarantee this level of Quality.

New facilities

In recent years, the school has made a significant effort to modernize its facilities. This has been done from the conviction that the space influences the way students learn, as well as their motivation, as evidenced by neuroeducation specialists. And all this with the aim of transforming the learning of contents and skills into a more meaningful experience.

A good example of this commitment can be seen in the imaginary world, the scientific world, the language, mathematics and robotics laboratories, the Agora and the new science laboratories among others.

La Salle in the world

La Salle is present in more than 80 countries in all five continents. The ARLEP is the association that brings together La Salle in Andalusia, Bilbao, Catalonia, Madrid, Valencia-Palma and Valladolid. In total, the network is made up of more than a hundred centres in Spain and also in Portugal.