School services


It is the Orientation and advisable psycho-pedagogical team from La Salle Bonanova which aims is to look after diversity and give tools and support to the students tutos and families. Detect of needs can help to prevent that some will become a disorder. L’EOAP it is a multidisciplinary team which psychologies, speech therapist, educational psychologist and special needs teachers work together. They all have a lot of experience in the educational field. And this service has no additional cost

Speech therapist

La Salle Bonanova offers a speech therapist service that diagnose, assess and work to improve the speech difficulties in the pronunciation of the students.This service it i  thought for kindergarten students and the early primary years and it is channel though the tutors. 

In the case that there is further intervention from the speech therapist, the sessions of 30 minutes will be done every other day with a maximum of two sessions per week and after the normal school schedule in an individualized way or in groups of two or three students.  This service has an additional cost.


In La Salle Bonanova  we understand the lunch time as an educational space, therefore, we have specific aims divided in two: food and leisure.
Transversely to these two educational blocks we two spaces, the dining room and the free time, we work through an active pedagogy to promote coexisting, respect, values and autonomy in the children and teenagers.

The menus are daily elaborated in the kitchen by the chefs of the school, directed by Xer David, and with the help of Revisa business, to cheek the food safety and creation of the menus. We elaborate as well menus for people with intolerance or allergies. All menus are elaborated by a dietitian and they are checked by the public health agency of Barcelona. 

The dining room as the free time area are supervised by Pere Tarrés Fundació leaders which prepare several activities for the students.  

Welcoming early in the morning and staying after school hours

The school provides a service for those students arriving earlier and staying after the school hours. This service the school provides is free (in the morning) from 7:45 until 8:30 or in the afternoon between 16:45 until 19. Depending on the age of the students, the spaces and the schedule could change. This service is provided by the school teachers that are those who know the students. In this space the students can work freely making the most of the time they have to  finish their homework, or to read or play.

Nurse’s office

La Salle Bonanova has a nurse's office with sanitary people that are available all school hours from 8:30 in the morning until 17:30 afternoon.  During this time the students that need any health requirement they can go, in case of injury, illness, bruises, feber, or other issues. From the nurse’s office we revitalise and organise some vaccine campaigns, that are authorised by the l’Agència Municipal de Salut Pública de Barcelona. This campaigns always have to be approved by the family. 


The school library of La Salle Bonanova is an educational and active space as they have many resources that have all type of support to learn and research. It is a space to develop the curriculum and the school educational project. The library is linked to a reading plan through the realisation of activities with the students to help develop the habit of reading, presenting new books, books for hire, advice on how ro research different source of knowledge, a place to study with other people, are some of the activities done in this space.

Extracurricular activities

They are a good tool to complete the education of children and teenagers. To be able to choose these activities enables each individual to work on and develop their multiple intelligences linked to their interests or capacities. The final objective of these activities is the utmost improvement of the students’ intelligences.

“Every human being has a unique combination of intelligences. Here lies the essential educational challenge.”
- Howard Gardner.

Taking part in extracurricular activities offers a way to socialize outside the formal context of school and family. It favours peer relationships, tolerance and the acceptance of the other’s point of view. It consolidates values such as cooperation, respect towards others and towards basic behaviour rules among equals. It’s a learning experience for life!

That is why the school offers a wide variety of extracurricular activities in different areas from P3 to 2nd Batxillerat.

Sports club

Since 1983 the La Salle Bonanova Sports Club actively participates in the education of the school’s students. The “humanistic and educational” aspiration of sport, and the values and philosophy traditionally promoted by the Club, are a powerful tool to help students grow and develop as individuals.

Therefore, every student of the school, from kindergarten to Batxillerat, has the possibility to learn from PE and sport professionals. La Salle Bonanova Sports Club offers a wide variety of sports where each student can develop his/her motor skills and share basic sport values. The aims of the Club are to enable the practice of sport, to collaborate in the comprehensive development of the student, to promote healthy habits in leisure activities. It also cultivates values such as effort, a sense of belonging and discipline among others, and it promotes social integration in a healthy environment.

The Club offers two types of service: extracurricular activities for the younger children and federated sport from 3rd of Primary onwards. Six different sports are practiced in La Salle Bonanova Sports Club: football, basketball, handball, roller hockey and rhythmic gymnastics.

Summer activities

The last week of June and the month of July, the school offers Kindergarten and Primary students the possibility to participate in the summer activities. It is a program, given in their mother tongue and in English, of educational and fun activities directed exclusively to boys and girls of the school. A team of teachers and instructors of La Salle Bonanova that students already know run these activities.

During this period, fun activities, games and sports are practised. There are workshops, music, crafts, audio-visuals… The timetable includes morning and afternoon options, and lunch service.

The school also offers the possibility to participate in language campuses in Alt Urgell or in England and Ireland during the month of July.

Summer Camp England

The school offers the opportunity to participate in English language campuses during the month of July.

  • 3 hours / English sessions each day (Monday to Friday).
  • Classes taught on campus with native teachers.
  • Groups of 12 students of different nationalities.
  • Initial level exam to form study groups.
  • Certificate of completion of the stay.
  • Books and the corresponding material.
  • Programme of sports and cultural activities.

Car park

The school has a spacious private car park. At peak hours, during the entry and end of school, the car park has staff that orders and limits the traffic. At midday or in extracurricular timetable (from 18.15h), it is necessary to get a pass card to access the car park with a vehicle (car or motorbike) to pick up or accompany students. This card can be obtained or renewed at the centre’s administration office.

Lost and Found Office

The school has a lost and found office where lost property is catalogued and kept duly identified. This service has a timetable to collect the lost property. For kindergarten students this office is at the Infantil Building reception. For the rest of the students the office is at the main building. We remind you that it is very important to mark every item of clothing with the name in order to be able to give it back to the person who has lost it.


Sells non alcoholic drinks and snacks. Opening hours: Monday to Friday, from 7.30 to 11.30h and from 13.30 to 19.00; Saturdays, from 8 to 14h. It is located right above the west goal at the school’s football stadium.

Sports Centre

The school’s facilities are complemented with the sports centre that counts with an indoor court with a wooden floor to practice team sports, with fitness rooms and a swimming pool. These facilities are at the service of the students, their families and the centre’s customers.

University Residence Hall

The school offers housing service for students who want to attend different Higher Education centres in Barcelona or surroundings. The residence hall offers individual rooms in a variety of accommodation modalities. We prioritize students coming from La Salle schools. Currently, we have 170 dorms at your disposal. There is the possibility of residing during weekends. The residence hall has its own organization and rules.

Information: +34 932 540 965

Clothes online shop

The school has an online shop to buy all the school and sports clothing that La Salle Bonanova students need: school overall, tracksuit, swimming pool and sports club equipment... Families can find these articles in the website with the advantage of collecting the purchase at the school or asking for it to be sent directly to their home address.

Customer care phone: 931847229 | Whatsapp: 681339988